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DawaJunction mobile application for wholesalers helps them to operate their business smoothly from anywhere at any time.
Wholesaler does not have to maintain any kind of book-keeping.
Wholesaler can add as many as assistants to operate their business.

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Retailers can operate their business smoothly with DawaJunction application.
Retailers can increase their sales by getting medicines on time.
Retailers can add as many as assistants to run their business smoothly.

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MRs now can use DawaJunction application to place
order directly to wholesaler on behalf of retailer.
Retailers need to visit to wholesalers to submit their orders.

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Planning Business

Companies can now reach to more number of medicine traders for their product.
They can advertise their products and in no time, the product information will reach to retailers, wholesalers and medical representatives.

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Why Choose Us

With DawaJunction mobile application, you can increase your business sales with no extra cost, no change in existing system. We are adhered to provide better experience to our clients. DawaJunction application is easy to use for almost all kind of transaction. We provide transparency in business.

Who We Are?

DawaJunction is a mobile and web application connecting pharma retailers, wholesalers, Medical Representatives, Companies on a single platform.

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